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Inspection and Assessment of Stormwater Management Practices. The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD). Contract/Project Manager. Developed program to perform inspection, assessment and documentation of Green Stormwater Management Practices constructed on 170 private properties. This work was critical to the PWD's ability to demonstrate compliance with its executed Consent Order and Agreement (COA) for combined sewer overflows. The work elements under the contract include visual inspection confined space and video inspection of the underground facilities, topographic and ground penetrating radar survey for creation of as-built plans, and functional and hydraulic assessments of SMPs, including underground detention/infiltration systems, green roofs, porous pavements, and rain gardens.

Resource Manual for Green Stormwater Management Practices for Public Parks and Recreation Facilities. The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD). Project Manager. Coordinated activities associated with the development of a resource manual that presents standard design details for materials and practices to be applied to overall Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) system design. Significant coordination was required with the PWD, the City's Department of Parks and Recreation (PP&R), and Department of Public Property (DPP) to develop a resource manual of standard details for GSI appropriate for public parks and recreation facilities and meet long term regulatory requirements of the PWD. The standard details were developed to facilitate PWD in achieving goals of the Long-Term Control Plan Update (LTCPU) for the City of Philadelphia's Combined Sewer System and compliance with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Consent Order and Agreement (COA).

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