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Representative Projects


Mill Creek Marsh Mitigation Site, Secaucus, New Jersey. Managed the implementation of restoration activities for an approximately 210-acre site, which had a dense monoculture of common reed (Phragmites australis) with very little open water and reduced tidal flow; therefore, very little habitat diversity. Restoration activities included the re-establishment of tidal flows, creation of open water impoundments, grading to create low and high marsh areas with upland habitats to create necessary nesting/resting areas in this highly urban environment. An additional component for this project was the establishment of public access trail network with interpretive signage. This area is now recognized as important habitat for breeding and migratory waterfowl and shorebirds.

Skeetkill Creek Marsh Mitigation Site, Ridgefield, New Jersey. Managed the implementation of restoration activities of this 16-acre Phragmites dominated site, which was not subject to daily tidal inundation. The restoration design included excavating previously filled areas, creating low marsh and tidal channels, and the excavation of shallow pools to provide open water habitats. Upland waterfowl habitat nesting areas were created and provided with access to open water areas. The design included the creation of a nature park and viewpoints and included coordination with local officials to incorporate concerns regarding park design and public safety.

Harrier Meadow Marsh Mitigation Site, North Arlington, New Jersey. Managed the implementation of enhancement activities of 76 acres located within the Saw Mill Creek Basin, and was initially part of a large marsh system around the margins of the impounded areas. Additional public access features at the site include benches, wildlife viewing blinds, and interpretative signage.

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